Boomba REUNITED thanks to Pet FBI on Facebook!

Boomba REUNITED thanks to Pet FBI on Facebook!

reunitedboombaBoomba from Clintonville was REUNITED thanks to our Pet FBI Ohio Facebook page!

He was initially posted on our page by his Good Sam when she found him.  He was then posted a few days later when his neighbor posted his Lost Cat flyer on our page.  Thankfully his Good Sam keeps a close eye on our page and immediately contacted his family to let them know he was safe and sound!


Angus REUNITED thanks to Pet FBI Ohio Facebook!

Reunited AngusAngus from Reynoldsburg REUNITED with his family thanks to the Pet FBI Ohio Facebook page!

Angus had been missing for 2 weeks when his Dad asked us to post him again.  This time his post caught the eye of our Pet FBI Ohio friend Amanda who recognized Angus!

Angus had been hanging out in her neighborhood 3 miles away!  The neighborhood had not been on Dad’s radar yet, so he rushed over to distribute flyers.  Within an hour he received the call he had been waiting for!  A Good Sam had been caring for Angus and she said he had made himself right at home.  LOL

REUNITED after 15 days and 3 miles from home!

Phil reunited thanks to database!

Phil Phil the cockatiel from Upper Arlington reunited thanks to the Pet FBI database!

Phil had been in the backyard of our Pet FBI Ohio friend Carisa when he decided to land on her arm to really get her attention.  Carisa checked the database in the Lost Bird category and there was Phil’s report that his Mom had filed for him!

After Phil was reunited with his family, he sent us a message via our Pet FBI Ohio Facebook page.  Please see below:

Hi!  My name is Phil. Thanks to a wonderful person who saw me missing on Pet FBI, I have been found and returned to my owner!! I was gone for 4 days in Upper Arlington, but I landed on a nice person who checked Pet FBI and found and returned me to my owner! I was about 3 miles from home. I am so glad to be back home.

Leluja Reunited

The dog’s name is Leluja as is hallelujah. She is not my dog. I work for a fire department in Dublin, Ohio. She was found walking down a busy street near the firehouse with no tags and a civilian pulled over in their car, grabbed her, and brought her to the firehouse.

KiKI Found Cat

Kiki Found Cat | Reunited Pet FBII found the cat on my porch in early March, 2013. There are many strays in the neighborhood, but they tend to be very skittish. When I made eye contact with this cat, however, she came running over to me. She was very friendly and excitedly ate the cat food I gave her. Because of this behavior, I had a feeling that the cat belonged to someone and was lost.

I went online and searched on a few websites, including Pet FBI, to see if I could find a report of a lost cat matching her description. The date on the search page of Pet FBI had been automatically set to the beginning of the year (January 1, 2013), so I searched from that date to the present date. A couple of days later, with no responses to my “found” post, I extended my search back two months into the previous year.

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