18 Years Old! Blind and Deaf, Rescued From Storm Sewer

18 Years Old! Blind and Deaf, Rescued From Storm Sewer

old chi-hua-hua after rescued from storm sewer

Chalupa, age 18. blind, deaf and comfortably home again!

Our frequent hero and friend, Mary of Franklin County OH Animal Control, was dispatched to an area where barking was heard but no dog was present. Mary searched and then discovered Chalupa, an 18 year old blind and deaf chihuahua at the bottom of a storm sewer!

Mary immediately sent a photo and message to Char, our tireless Facebook administrator.  The post reached almost 30,000 people including Chalupa’s frantic family. Thanks to Mary’s diligence and our Facebook friends’ caring and sharing, Chalupa was home again in a few hours.

Coincidentally, earlier in the week, BooBoo, belonging to another member of the family, was recovered when Char matched up a found dog post with a lost dog post. In less than a week the family had two reunions thanks to Pet FBI Ohio Facebook AND friends!

Lost dog recovered

lost dog recovered through Pet FBI Ohio Facebook


OBJECT LESSON: When Animal Control, shelters or humane societies work together to share information good things happen!

Newly Adopted Winston Snared By Stealth!

Winston had been with his new family only five days when he went missing. This made recovering him very difficult because he had been in foster care and had not yet bonded with his new family.

Newly adopted runaway dog recaptured

Winston and Julia

Fortunately, Pet FBI special agent, Julia,  took a special interest in his case. She joined forces with Winston’s foster Mom Rachelle and was also helped by Don, who had helped her capture her own newly adopted dog, Addison,  about a year before when he went missing. They did all they could to lure Winston back. Knowing he was basically shy with people but friendly with other dogs, she used her own dog to help attract him. But Winston was still too wary. He even eluded the baited traps they set for him.

They knew the general area where he was because of sighting reports, and a compassionate homeowner allowed them to hang out on their property to try to snag him.

The day of the successful capture Julia and Rachelle spent hours lying in lurk on the grass hoping Winston would approach.  Finally he did and Rachelle used a slip leash to snag him. She got nipped a few times but Winston is finally back in safe hands.


Newly adopted pets are the most prone to run away. Pet FBI gets lots of reports about such situations.

It may be necessary in cases of a shy or frightened dog to use a trap for recovery. (See Julia’s advice about trapping a stray dog, also read Julia’s own amazing story about recovering her own newly adopted dog Addison).

If you can get a dog to approach you, a skip leash is a good way to snag it, but it is risky!

15 Year Old Peanut Defies The Odds

Senior Dog and MomThis beautiful old gal is deaf, frail and has liver disease. She was scheduled to be euthanized, but her Mom had a funny feeling. She followed her intuition and cancelled the appointment. Then, somehow, Peanut went missing! Desperate Mom posted on Pet FBI Ohio Facebook’s page.

Fortunately a Good Sam found Peanut and called  Animal Control. Tina, our hero and pal from Animal Control (Columbus) took the call and immediately connected the description with Peanut’s post. So no time was lost in reuniting Peanut and her frantic Mom narrowly averting a stressful stay in the shelter. It may be Peanut’s last adventure, but it had a happy ending thanks to Tina, the Good Sam and Pet FBI Ohio’s Facebook page.

A “Miracle” Reunion, Thanks to Pet FBI “Special Agents”!

Lost dog reunited by Pet FBI special agents

!3 Year old Harley and Happy Mom!

HAPPY TGIF (Thank God I’m Found) to 13 year old Harley from Canal Winchester!!

This reunion is a miracle and would not have been possible without our pals and frequent heroes Julia & Teresa!!

Teresa is a champ at matching pets posted on Craigslist with their corresponding post on our page or database. Sunday night she saw on Craigslist that Harley had been found, was being given away for free and had 9 people interested in her!!

Teresa mentioned this outrageous situation to Julia who immediately contacted the finder and brought Harley home with her so she could have a chance to locate her family. We posted Harley on our page and within 3 hours Vanessa saw our post and tagged Harley’s Mom!


  1. If you are reluctant to turn a stay over to a shelter at least give the shelter(s) a flyer with all the pertinent information so that the owner will have a chance to trace their pet, the shelter(s) being the obvious place a pet parent would inquire.

2. If you want to try to trace the owner on your own – and that is an admirable thing to do if you do it properly – give it enough time! At least two weeks!  Follow all the suggestions on our Action Plan pages as best you can.

3. Finally, if you are going to adopt out the stray you have found because you have been unsuccessful in tracing the owner, be wary!  Ask lots of questions,  Be sure the adopter is a responsible person. There are numerous web sites with advice about screening potential adopters.

Abby Swiftly Recovered Following Advice By Pet FBI Facebook’s Char

Lost dog recovered by family

Abby, home again!

This darling pooch went missing near a strip mall where there is a pet supply store. Abby’s Mom posted a lost report to the Pet FBI database and also messaged our Facebook Administrator, Char. Char advised Mom to use the Pet FBI flyer template and take it to the pet supply store. Good thing because an employee had found Abby the night before!

OBJECT LESSON: When your pet goes missing create and distribute flyers in the immediate area ASAP.

Remi Reunited Thanks to Pet FBI Facebook “Special Agent”

Big dog and little girl after reunion

Remi and his little “sister”, Isabella

Remi went missing in a rural area and his family was worried sick because it was hunting season and Remi could be mistaken for a deer! They posted to our Pet FBI Ohio Facebook page.

Days later he ended up in a Humane Society shelter in Madison County, many miles away and was posted on their Facebook page as a found dog. Thanks to Amanda, one of Pet FBI Ohio Facebook’s “special agents”, she connected the two just hours later and Remi is back home safe.

Note: Pet FBI “Special Agents” are unofficial volunteers who cross-post and cross-check lost and found  reports and have been responsible for many happy reunions. You can act as  a special agent for your area, too!

1. Dogs can travel fast and far, Check for reports well beyond your immediate area.

2. Use as many sources of information as you can to post and search lost and found reports. Ideally everybody should post to a single, central, efficiently searchable database like PetFBI.org. Realistically, you need to cast a wide net and research various Facebook pages, Craigslist and other online resources as suggested on Pet FBI’s advice page.

Oliver Recovered After More than a Month, Eight Miles From Home Thanks to Pet FBI Automatic Alerts and Persistent Mom!

Oliver, lost cat

Oliver is now “grounded” after being recovered a month later, eight miles from home through Pet FBI Automatic Alerts!

Here is Oliver’s story as related by his Mom:

He is (was) an indoor/outdoor cat.  (Yes, I know, I’m a bad cat mom…)

He didn’t come home as he normally did.  I put flyers up all over the neighborhood and all the local vets and shelters.  I had multiple neighbors call me with tips about any unidentified cats they had seen.  There are foxes in the neighborhood and popular opinion was that a fox had gotten him.  Though Oliver is young and strong and certainly wouldn’t have gone without a fight.  And I thought him too smart to be surprised.

My local shelter, Citizens for Humane Action, told me about Pet FBI.  I’d never heard about it but immediately put Oliver’s picture on it.

I walked the neighborhood constantly calling him and did all the things recommended. Leaving food, familiar scents out….

No sign of him.

I got the daily updates from PetFBI and after a month had given up hope.

Then one morning I see a pic that MIGHT be him, but it wasn’t a good enough pic to be sure.  I called the guy listed and we talked a bit back and forth as he was not in town.  He gave me his address, I drove right over, I opened the car door and called Ollie’s name one time and he trotted right over to me!!! I was in shock!

Oliver is back home.  Now an inside cat and not happy about that one bit….

And the other side of it is that Oliver not only ended up being found about 8 miles (!) away- across a 2 lane bridge- over a big lake…. but the home that he had been hanging out at was a lovely waterfront home with a pool and the guy that found him said Oliver normally was seen just hanging around the pool……

I’d rather not think he found a home better than where he was raised….

I have no idea how he ended up where he did.  Maybe jumped in the back of somebody’s pickup??

…and I did end up getting a kitten after he was gone a couple weeks as my beagle was too depressed without a cat…

So now Oliver is unhappily housebound with a young harrassing kitten to deal with.

I hope it ends up being a happy ending….


“Dash”, Chemical Abstracts’ Mascot, Back on the Job!

This is a message from someone helped by Pet FBI.

I can’t thank you enough for your service that you provide! On September 23, 2015, our company’s cat “Dash” was reported as missing. Dash roams the grounds of Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) in central Ohio during the day, and is taken inside at night. When it was time to come in that night, there was no sign of Dash. He is very well cared for, including his vet visits and collar, but he had lost his collar and it had not been replaced.

Dash, lost cat recovered through Pet FBI

Back on the job!

I am an employee of CAS and was devastated when I learned he was missing a full week after it happened! I immediately started to brainstorm how we could bring him home. I posted a lost report on Pet FBI the day I found out, and ironically, Bryan, a fellow co-worker, found my posting and contacted me about Dash. We began to work together to locate him. I created a lost cat poster, and my co-worker put them up in the neighborhood around our property. On Sunday, October 11th, a neighbor contacted CAS and said that he had been in their care, and he is now home!

Dash is such a loving and wonderful creature, and he provided many services to the Employees of CAS, including love and stress relief. Thanks for your services to help find our pets! Without it, I am not sure that my co-worker and I would have found each other to help solve this!

Thank you, thank you!
CAS Employee