Pet FBI “Special Agent” Teresa Aids in Recovery of Lost Dog

Pet FBI “Special Agent” Teresa Aids in Recovery of Lost Dog

Lost Dog and Family

A Reunited Harry with his Human Brothers and Sister

Pet FBI “special agent”, our good pal and frequent hero, Teresa, saw Harry’s lost dog report on our database. (

She contacted Harry’s Mom and encouraged her to post on our Facebook Ohio page as well. Teresa lives in the general area where Harry was lost so she shared his plight on She soon received a couple of Harry sightings!

So what else would Teresa do on a blustery, rainy and cold day off? She went searching for Harry!

By following her intuition regarding where to look she actually came upon Harry! This remarkable woman then pulled over and sat outside of her car crunching on a bag of chips and making minimal eye contact in hopes of luring Harry as our pal Julia has taught us to do. Harry trotted off, however. But at the same moment his Mom happened to drive by looking for him! She encountered a rain-soaked Teresa. Teresa pointed Mom in his direction. Here is the happy result.


Here’s how: First, you do not need to brave the rain and the cold to go looking for lost pets in person. Just go to our page on how to help people recover lost pets read about what anyone can do unofficially.

Teddy and Maura: A Love Story

Foster Mom falls in love with lost dog

Maura and Teddy,
“The Love of My Life”

Sometimes our “Lost and Found” experiences result in an unexpected turn of events. When an original owner cannot be traced, there may still be a happy ending, thanks to people who care. Here is Maura’s story about her serendipity love affair with Teddy in her own words – they even look like they were meant for each other!

“Teddy was found November 10th by good Sam Julia H. in Grove City. He was covered in urine, matted fur, shaking and scared.

Julia is a vet tech so after giving him a bath she immediately took him to the vet she works for to check for microchip, but Teddy didn’t have one. He also had not been neutered.

She posted to PetFBI and mentioned she owns 2 large dogs and that this new doggie was not doing well with them, very scared.

I commented on the post that I would be more than happy to foster – I have a spacious condo with no other pets but have been caring for doggies my whole life and I couldn’t bare to see him end up at the shelter. Julia replies within minutes how thankful she was – and later that evening we met so I could get Teddy and go over things with her. Our motto was “no proof, no pup!” And I’m glad it was, because in the coming days I had 7-10 offers to buy him 🙁

From the night Teddy arrived here, he has been a dream! I took him to my groomer friends the next day and they said it looked like his nails hadn’t been clipped in over a year, but luckily he did not squirm when clipped so I don’t think there was any pain! He was SO good for his groom, just wanted to lick them the whole time! While he knows no commands (even basic) he has been on his best behavior. He doesn’t quite understand toys yet (or bones!) Zero accidents in the house! Sleeps with me in bed at night – and sleeps through the night. He’s just a snuggle monster. He follows me like a shadow and cries a bit when I leave but I think that will stop in time.

So far he’s learned to sit, seems to know his new name (Teddy), and is scheduled to be microchipped, neutered and given shots on November 30th.

He’s got a ton of people who love him already, and I honestly feel like he found me! He brings so many laughs and light into my life! I’m so happy to be able to give him the best life ever!

Thanks for all you do!!”


What To Do If Your Dog Gets Lost — An Informative Podcast Courtesy of “The Great Dog Adventure”


What To Do If Your Dog Gets Lost - Link to Podcast

ATTENTION DOG LOVERS! “The Great Dog Adventure” is a great site for you with lots of useful and entertaining information and outstanding weekly podcasts. A recent one featured Pet FBI’s founder and Director, Maresa Fanelli. She shares lots of helpful tips and tricks, strategies and skills developed over our 17 years of helping people recover lost pets of all kinds. This podcast interview focuses on recovering lost dogs.

Alert Animal Control Officer Uses Pet FBI Database and Avoids a Stay at the Pound

Lost dog recovered by Columbus animal control and Pet FBI database

Greta happily reunited with her family

Greta went missing in Columbus, OH, Pet FBI’s hometown. Since we have been active here since 1998, we are widely used and trusted, which leads to quick recoveries, especially since Franklin County  Animal Control often uses our database and Pet FBI Facebook Ohio page to look for matches.

Greta’s family posted on the Pet FBI database and within an hour of posting, a tip came in that she had traveled east and was spotted in a neighborhood known as Forest Park. Not long after that Animal Control Officer Mary heard a call that was dispatched to that area and provided Greta’s number to the officer that picked her up. Since Mary acted so quickly Greta avoided going to Franklin County Dog Shelter  and was dropped off directly at home!

We wish all animal control agencies and shelters would take advantage of our free, easy to use database so that more lost pets could be reunited quickly and efficiently.  If you are reading this, please contact your local shelter and ask them to visit to see how it can help them.