WBNS 10TV in Columbus Warns of Scam To Prey on People Who Have Lost Pets

A so-called “pet finding” business based in California has been contacting Pet FBI users with a promise to find their lost pets for a fee. Fortunately all our visitors are aware that Pet FBI is strictly non-commercial and never charges a fee. They reported the abuse on our Facebook Ohio page and it was picked up by Meghan Matthews of WBNS10TV news. The segment aired during their local newscast.
We have identified the company and filed a complaint with California’s Attorney General. Unfortunately, there are all too many people out there ready to exploit people desperate to get their pets back.

Some pet finding services are ethical and legitimate, but many more are just out for a quick buck and unable to deliver what they promise. Do some research before you pay a company to help find your pet. Do not trust Better Business Bureau logos they paste on their site or exaggerated claims of success. We do not recommend robocalling as a means of contact.



Some of our our Facebook friends have alerted us that they are being contacted by a man with a heavy accent posing as a representative of Pet FBI and offering to help locate their missing pet for a fee. He is calling from 213 221 1099, which is a land line in Los Angeles. We have reported it to the Ohio Attorney General (because he is contacting people in Ohio).

Unfortunately, if there is a way to abuse a good thing, someone will try to take advantage.  We have chosen to enable Pet FBI users to contact each other directly. We feel that immediate contact can be critical in recovering a lost pet and we trust your judgement to decide on the legitimacy of  those who contact you through information on Pet FBI.

A few years ago someone was going door to door wearing a Pet FBI t-shirt and asking for donations! Please take note: Pet FBI is strictly non-commercial, we do not SELL any services; we do not solicit door-to-door. We are not associated with any pet detectives and we warn people to be very cautious about paying for any service that offers to “track” your pet or make contacts for you. There are a few that are truly helpful but many are just out to exploit people in distress.

Please be sure to read reviews of any lost pet service you are thinking of engaging before you pay for anything.