Anyone Can Help

Here are some simple things anyone can do to get lost pets back home without officially volunteering:


  • Keep an eye out for lost pets in your neighborhood. Follow the database for reports close to your zip to see what pets have gone missing in your area.
  • Be a cross-checker! Some people post a lost or found report in one place, like Craigslist or Facebook and stop there. They have heard of these big sites, but they don’t know about Pet FBI or any other web database. If you are sharp, you may be able to “connect the dots” and match up lost and found reports from various sites!
  • If you live near a pound or a shelter, you could volunteer to be the “go-to” lost and found person for the shelter. Follow postings for lost and found pets on Pet FBI and various other resources and look for a match at the shelter. (This kind of thing is not high priority at most shelters where volunteers have all to do to care for the many animals.)
  • When you see a lost/found flyer around town, contact the people to tell them about Pet FBI.
  • Print out some Pet FBI flyers and post them in pet supply stores, convenience stores, community bulletin boards, etc. Just carry some around with you in your purse or in your car and post them when you come across a public bulletin board. Be sure to ask for permission if required.
  • Mention Pet FBI to your vet, your groomer, or your pet sitter. Ask them to post a Pet FBI flyer so people learn about it.
    Pet FBI Flyer for lost and found database

    You can print this flyer by linking to the full page

  •  Tell all your friends with pets and post a link on your Facebook page, if you have one, or any pet related forums or newsgroups.

  • Check with your local shelters and humane societies to see that they know about Pet FBI and are taking advantage of it or referring people to our database and our detailed advice pages.

The more people who know about PET FBI and contribute information to the database, the more effective it will be. Even people who don’t have pets should be aware of this resource. Almost everyone has had to deal with a stray at one time or another.

Click here for Official Volunteer Activities To Help Recover Lost Pets

If you would like to make a more serious commitment and represent our organization as part of our team, please consider volunteering! You too can help, even if you have only a little time every now and then.