Privacy Policy

Pet FBI Privacy Policy

Pet FBI does not sell any information you share in your report on the lost and found pet database.

We have deliberately chosen to establish this web site on a basis of trust. No intermediary exists between you and the person who may have found your pet, or the person who is looking for the pet you have found. In the matter of lost pets, time – even just minutes – can make or break a successful recovery.

We know that people who come to our site are often in panic and just want to get down to the information as quickly as possible. For that reason we do not require users “to register”.

You are not obliged to use your full name or even a real name in your reports. The only authentic personal information you must give is your email address so people can get in touch with you and so you can access your report to make changes later on. Your email address is your user name for access to the “Modify Report” page.

Please note that we administrators of the Pet FBI site have no control over what users say or do and we have no more information about our users other than what is in their report and open to all other users. Our goal is to maintain a friendly cooperative community of people who love pets and want to help others. We do try to caution people to be careful. There are evil doers who prey on people in distress and heaven knows if you have lost your pet you are in distress and vulnerable to exploitation. That’s why we suggest ways to vet people who claim a pet you have found or purport to have found your pet and claim a reward.

Despite our rather official sounding name, we are not a government agency, or a law enforcement entity. FBI stands for “Found By Internet” and we chose it in 1998 because it seemed easy to remember. We are essentially only a medium for the exchange of information.

Since 1998, as one of the web’s first lost and found pet web sites, we have maintained a policy of openness and mutual cooperation and we hope to keep it that way. Thanks for being part of a great service to others.