Tips for Posting Lost and Found Pet Flyers

Posting flyers is one of the best known and most effective methods of getting the word out about a lost or found pet.

Unfortunately, people in distress often create flyers in great haste with the result that their flyers omit critical information and are poorly designed. By using the Pet FBI flyer template you can design effective flyers.

 Where and How to Post Your Flyers

  • Print as many 8 1/2 by 11 flyers as practical. If you cannot print them in color then print your flyers on colored paper. Yellow is said to be the most visible color from a distance and likely to attract more attention than plain white paper.
  • Post your flyers on bulletin boards in vets’ offices, pet supply stores, laundromats, etc.
  • We recommend that you also create at least five to ten special flyers to post at major intersections near where the pet went missing or was found.
lost dog flyer on neon poster

Mount your special flyers for intersections on bright colored poster stock usually available in the school supply section of supermarkets and dollar stores

Insert your printed flyer into a page protector

Tape it to a bright colored poster board

Use a black indelible marker for the critical information.

Attach the flyer to the pole using nails and duct tape.

found cat flyer on neon poster

Place your printed page in a page protector with open edge down. Seal and attach with clear packaging tape to ensure longer readability





flyer back taped to pole

Use at least four strips of duct tape to secure your flyer to the pole.
Photo courtesy of Missing Pet Partnership.







To secure flyers that do not have a poster board backing, just wrap clear wide shipping tape to encircle the pole. If you run the tape over the critical information on your flyer, that’s a good way to weatherproof it, though a sheet protector is preferable.



posters at intersection

Note how the neon poster board draws attention amidst the usual welter of signage at a typical big intersection.

TIP: Be sure to check our national database of lost and found pets. Your pet may already be listed. You can also post your own lost or found pet report.

For many more helpful suggestions, please see our specialized action plan pages. (See sidebar)


Whether or Not To Offer a Reward

There is a lot of controversy about this!
We recommend that if you decide to offer a reward, you should not state the amount. Learn about the pros and cons on our page The “REWARD!” Debate

Create Your Flyer!