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Three Easy Steps To Help Lost Pets Get Back Home

Anyone can help more pets get back home by signing up for Pet FBI Special Agent Alerts and sharing through their personal pages and groups.

Attention Facebook Admins! If you manage a lost and found pet Facebook page, our Special Agent Alerts can save you time and labor, make your posts more thorough and increase the number of reunions. It’s easy as “A,B,C”! 

 A. Sign up for Special Agent Alerts

Get a real time email alert whenever a lost or found pet is reported for your chosen area. (Zip Code + radius, up to 200 miles). You can also specify one or more categories of pets:  cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, small mammals,  “other” or “all”. (Note you can change your settings or unsubscribe at any time)
Once you sign up, you will start receiving Special Agent Alerts like this one:

Sample Special Agent Alert

Sample Special Agent Alert

B.    Click the blue Facebook Share button. The next screen will allow you to add a personal comment and select your target pages before you finally post.

Intermediate step - add a caption select target

B – Second screen – Add a comment and select your target Facebook page(s)…..

…..Clicking on the scroll box above the post gives you these other options:
a) Share on your own Timeline
b) Share on your friends’ Timelines
c) Share in a group
d) Share on a page you manage
e) Share in a private message
You can also Tag only chosen friends by using an icon at  the bottom (not shown). You also have the option of making the post private or public.

C. Next click the blue “Post to Facebook” button (not shown here). The actual Facebook post will look like this

C. Final Facebook post

C. Final Facebook post

Notice the link SEARCH.PETFBI.ORG at the bottom of the post. When a Facebook friend clicks that link he or she will be directed to the complete original report on the Pet FBI database with full details including contact information.

In just a few clicks you have spread the critical information that will help connect people who have lost a pet with the Good Sams that have found it!


Here’s another way to help: Join Pet FBI’s  Special Agents “Detective Division”!
Information about lost and found pets is scattered everywhere! Learn how to connect the dots and match up “losers” and “finders”!