15 Year Old Peanut Defies The Odds

Author:Pet FBI
Author's Website:https://petfbi.org
Published: Fri Oct 23 2015
Last Updated: Wed Feb 23 2022

Senior Dog and Mom

This beautiful old gal is deaf, frail and has liver disease. She was scheduled to be euthanized, but her Mom had a funny feeling. She followed her intuition and cancelled the appointment. Then, somehow, Peanut went missing! Desperate Mom posted on Pet FBI Ohio Facebook's page.

Fortunately a Good Sam found Peanut and called Animal Control. Tina, our hero and pal from Animal Control (Columbus) took the call and immediately connected the description with Peanut's post. So no time was lost in reuniting Peanut and her frantic Mom narrowly averting a stressful stay in the shelter. It may be Peanut's last adventure, but it had a happy ending thanks to Tina, the Good Sam and Pet FBI Ohio's Facebook page.

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