Beatrice Back After One Week!

Author:Pet FBI
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Published: Thu Jan 09 2014
Last Updated: Mon Feb 21 2022

I received a call on Saturday night from a young woman, who had seen me out searching all week and had befriended Beatrice. She rents, was not allowed to have pets, often holds her neighbors' cat on her lap, and was outside when Beatrice showed up in need of a friend. The neighbor's children gave Beatrice a hot dog and milk. The young woman told me that she was going out of town on Sunday. She knew how hard I had tried to find Beatrice and refused to accept a reward.

Beatrice had lost weight during her adventure. When we got back to the house, she was still very hungry and thirsty. She ate cat, dog, and people food, hissed at our other feline family members, had diarrhea in the litter box, occasionally hid under furniture, switched her tail while looking out the window, purred and tried to nurse on our arms while being held. She finally decided it was safe to sleep, but, awoke several times during the night meowing or hissing.

We rested on Sunday. Doc Allen, our neighbor and local veterinarian had been very helpful. I called to let him know she was back home and described her condition. He advised me to let her rest for a couple of days before bringing her in for a check up. During those two days, she began to sleep for longer periods of time and was able to gain weight. If she awoke while I was in another room, she would search for me. After finding me, she would stay by my side.

Bea's check up went well. She was given worm medication and sent home with Revolution for a possible ear mite infestation. The long scratch on her side healed without becoming infected. We were very fortunate.

During my search for her, I learned that there are many kind people who feed homeless creatures. Even those who have limited resources are generous and willing to help others. I was told about wild animals in the area, about a person who poisons cats and that some people shoot cats. I was offered several cats and kittens. Even though Beatrice is back home and the signs are all down, we still get reports of cats matching her description.

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