Cat Reunited After Two Weeks Thanks to Pet FBI Database

Author:Pet FBI
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Published: Mon Apr 04 2016
Last Updated: Sat Jan 27 2024

Missing for two whole weeks, thankfully Good Sam filed a report for him on our free lost & found pet database!

Good Sam was convinced he had a family missing him because he was a lover boy. Turns out his Mom & Dad are grad students from China and were unaware of Pet FBI. Just as they were losing hope someone suggested they search our database and there he was!

“Ean” Surfaced Many Miles From Home

Ean had somehow traveled many, many miles and would have had to cross many busy streets! Thank goodness for!


Most cats are found very close to home. Inside cats especially are unlikely to go far - at least for the first week or so - and will probably be found hiding very close by. BUT, it is not at all unusual for lost cats to turn up far from where they went missing. Sometimes they get there on their own; sometimes they have been picked up by someone and then gotten away; or maybe they were spirited off unknowingly while exploring a pickup truck or a van.

When searching for a lost cat or dog be sure to extend your search beyond the immediate area. Check shelters in nearby counties and put posters up at major intersections beyond your neighborhood. Extend your search as time passes.

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