Facebook/PetFBI.org Ohio Reaches 20,000 Likes!

Author:Pet FBI
Author's Website:https://petfbi.org
Published: Thu Jun 18 2015
Last Updated: Mon Feb 21 2022

Thanks and kudos to our volunteer Facebook administrator, Char Riedinger! Her absolute, unwavering dedication has resulted in an average of 50 reunions per month just in Ohio. Char has set very high standards resulting in a very high success rate. By insisting on full, actionable information for posts to our timeline she has helped reunite lost pets with their families quickly and efficiently.

The full information on our Facebook posts also enables our followers to cross check other sources and find matching lost and found reports. We thank those devoted followers for being part of this great success.

Char also messages posters directly with specific advice and compassionate encouragement. Such personal attention is rare among the numerous well-intentioned but often ill-conceived lost and found pet sites. Thanks to Char and the thousands of Facebook friends she has inspired, many more pets are back home with their families.

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