Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Pet FBI Volunteer!
Help Lost Pets Get Back Homedog paw and hand

Most of Pet FBI’s volunteer work can be done from home at your desk or table and on your own hours. 

The objective of all Pet FBI’s volunteer jobs is to facilitate the recovery of lost pets.  We need to reach more pet parents and encourage them to follow the detailed advice at petfbi.org and to search and post on the Pet FBI database. The more people who use our national database, the  greater the chances of a successful reunion!

Here is a brief description of our current volunteer activities. If you find one or more opportunities that interest you, please complete the Volunteer Application Form. We will get back to you ASAP!

  1. Become an official Pet FBI “Special Agent”! A Pet FBI Special Agent is a bit like a detective. You select a certain area, county, city, or state, and you research all the various sources of online information about lost and found pets for your area and try to “connect the dots”. Click here for A Manual for Special Agents, or “How to Help People Recover Lost Pets”
  2. Blog Liaison: Promote the use of the Pet FBI database by commenting on pet related blogs. You will first have to research and identify the blogs and maybe sign up for them. We will provide some suggested wording to use.
  3. Facebook Admin: Using the amazingly successful pet FBI Ohio Facebook page as your inspiration, set up your own lost and found Facebook page unless there is already a successful, established page for your preferred area. A WORD OF CAUTION: “Pet FBI” is legally trademarked. You cannot start a Facebook page and use  “Pet FBI”  in the cover name or title without authorization.
    If you are really committed,  we can help you launch a successful lost and found pet Facebook page, but you will need to follow Pet FBI guidelines. By using the Facebook share button on our Special Agent Alerts, you can upload posts in 2-3 clicks!
    If you already manage a lost pet Facebook page, collaborating with Pet FBI will simplify  your work, attract more posts and get more pets back home

  4. Pound Checker: If you volunteer at a shelter or wish to volunteer, offer to be the “lost and found” volunteer. You would try to trace the owners of any pets taken in as “strays”.
  5. Promoter and Publicity Person: Identify the various entities that deal with lost and found pets in your area. Create a list of email addresses. Contact them through email individually. We will provide the message. Provide Pet FBI post cards and flyers for their venue.  Pet FBI will provide the materials.
  6. Contact Liaison: Call, text or message people who have posted on Craigslist or Facebook or classified ads in newspapers to offer moral support and advice. Review the various steps to take, following our advice pages, and recommend or assist searching and posting on the Pet FBI database. We will provide a script but this assignment requires compassion and sensitivity.
  7. Facebook Liaison: We need people to research all the lost and found Facebook pages for each state, message the admins and encourage them to refer posters to Pet FBI’s searchable database. With the permission of the admin you could also message the posters directly with advice that fits their situation. We will provide a script.
  8. Videographer: Prepare video segments for You Tube. Topics could be, for example,  a demonstration of the use of the Pet FBI web site, how to set a humane trap, walk-through of the various steps to take in recovering a lost pet, how to approach a stray, etc.
  9. EBay Community Seller: Pet FBI will supply items to sell on Ebay with 100% of profits to go to Pet FBI (Must be Columbus, Ohio area)
  10. EBay Charitable Seller: Sell your own items on EBay with a portion of the proceeds to go to Pet FBI. Charitable listings usually get better placement and attract higher bids.

If you would like to take on one or more of these jobs for the area where you live or for another area where help is most needed, and if you are able to follow through and report back to us about once a month, please complete the Volunteer Application Form. We will get back to you about your preferences and give you more details and instructions to help you fulfill your chosen assignment!