Jenquah Reunited Thanks to .....(read on!)

Author:Pet FBI
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Published: Wed Aug 12 2015
Last Updated: Mon Feb 21 2022

This beautiful cocker spaniel, Jenquah, was reunited with this family after just a few days thanks to

  1. Ryan, the Good Samaritan who rescued him and fostered him until he could be reunited with his family directly. He posted info about the dog to the Pet FBI Facebook page...

  2. Teresa, a Pet FBI "Private Agent" who follows the Pet FBI Ohio Facebook page and cross-posts and cross-checks lost and found reports. It was she who contacted Ryan and urged him to give the complete information required so his post would go from the side bar to the more visible main timeline...

  3. Char, our devoted Facebook administrator who spends hours daily vetting posts and seeing that all the posts on our timeline have complete, actionable information...

  4. Another "Good Sam," (whose name, appropriately, IS "Sam"!), the astute and dedicated Franklin County Animal Shelter worker who follows the Pet FBI Facebook page. So when Jenquah's family came to the shelter to look for him he was able to tell them about the Facebook post. Result: happy ending!


Object Lesson:

  • If you decide to foster a stray while seeking its owner in order to spare the pet the stress and risks attendant in giving the pet over to a shelter, at least leave full information about the pet with the shelters ASAP. Most shelters have a lost and found bulletin board and, after all, the shelter is the obvious place someone who has lost a pet would check.

  • When you post to a Facebook page or Craigslist or any other free-form media, including posters, be sure to give complete, actionable information: full description of pet, when lost, where lost specifically and good accurate information!

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