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Published: Fri Feb 28 2014
Last Updated: Wed Feb 23 2022

Kiki Found Cat Reunited

I found the cat on my porch in early March, 2013. There are many strays in the neighborhood, but they tend to be very skittish. When I made eye contact with this cat, however, she came running over to me. She was very friendly and excitedly ate the cat food I gave her. Because of this behavior, I had a feeling that the cat belonged to someone and was lost.

I went online and searched on a few websites, including Pet FBI, to see if I could find a report of a lost cat matching her description. The date on the search page of Pet FBI had been automatically set to the beginning of the year (January 1, 2013), so I searched from that date to the present date. A couple of days later, with no responses to my "found" post, I extended my search back two months into the previous year. Looking through those postings, I saw post (with picture) that matched the description of the cat frequenting my porch. In addition, the 'location' given was about one block south of my house.

I contacted the owner via the email she had provided on Pet FBI and sent her the picture I had taken of the cat as well. She quickly emailed me back, recognizing her cat immediately. The cat had been through a rough and snowy winter. I managed to get her into my own pet carrier while we waited for her owner to meet us. When the owner arrived, we attempted to get the cat out of my carrier and into the owner's carrier. As soon as I opened the gate, however, the cat ran in fear.

Her owner was immediately saddened and chased after the cat. The owner called out the cat's name and asked the cat to come back. Upon hearing her owner's voice, the cat froze, turned around, looked, and then leapt back into her owner's arms. She happily got in her carrier and was taken home, safe and sound.

I was very happy to see the cat, Kiki, return to her home. I can only hope that someone would do the same if my cat were ever to be lost

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