Pet FBI Interviewed on Animal Radio

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Published: Sat Jul 04 2015
Last Updated: Tue Feb 22 2022

Our Interview on Animal Radio

Our interview with Animal Radio aired July 3 and 4th on their 150 syndicated stations all around the country. Here is how you can listen to it:

animal radio

Click this Animal Radio link. In the upper right hand corner of the Animal Radio home page there is a black box. Our segment runs from about minutes 27:30 through about 34:00. Click the play arrow and scroll to our segment.

It will be on the home page the whole week of July 4 and after that it will be archived as show #813.

The show has a very lively format, a mix of the serious, the comic and the unusual, including a segment on a two year old tabby that survived for two months trapped in a futon that was being shipped from Texas to Alaska for some military family. They had postponed their own departure for three days to look for the cat! You can always listen to their programs by using the archive.

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