The Happy Homecoming of Chloe the Akita

Author:Pet FBI
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Published: Sat Feb 08 2014
Last Updated: Mon Feb 21 2022

You may have seen, way back in March, a TV spot with Gary Somerset on Channel 6 about PET FBI. They interviewed a couple from Dublin whose five-year old Akita had run off two months before. They were heartbroken and desperate to have her back and had posted a report on our web site. Recently, they gave up hope and acquired a Great Pyrenees.

Meanwhile, sometime in March, over near 161 and Cleveland Avenue, a kindly couple found an Akita and were taking good care of her: they had a vet check her out; they bought her tags, and they were taking her on walks four times a day. Just a few days ago, however, they gave her to a friend for safekeeping because there is a new baby in the house. The mother-in-law, just bought a computer and got online. She went to PET FBI and found this very old report about the Akita lost 8 months ago. It sounded like the dog they found. She contacted the people who posted the lost report and they were able to describe very accurately the dog's special characteristics.

Now, after eight months, Chloe is back home with her original family!

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