Why Microchip Your Pet?

Author:Pet FBI
Author's Website:https://petfbi.org
Published: Wed Jan 04 2017
Last Updated: Wed Feb 23 2022

Slink the Cat

Slinky went missing during a move last summer and was reunited six months later, just prior to Christmas! A woman had been feeding him outdoors about a mile from where we went missing. Not wanting to leave him outside all winter she finally got him inside, but he wasn't having any of it. He was miserable being kept indoors and he was making her miserable. She was so exasperated that the took Slinky to a vet to be put down. Thank goodness the vet suggested checking for a microchip .....BINGO!

In any case the vet would have had Slinky put up for adoption if no chip was found. But not all vets are as compassionate. Under other circumstances, Slinky might not have been so lucky. Some vets are victimized by their compassion. We know of one who has a large farm in northern Ohio that has turned into a sanctuary for unwanted pets she was asked to put down. Currently she is feeding and caring for almost one hundred cats and dogs!

Slinky's story is only one of many many we have heard - reunions that have taken place after months and even years, improbable reunions that would never have happened if the pet were not chipped.


Microchips work! Have your pet chipped!

Microchips are not expensive and they are not painful to insert.

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